Project 507  believes young people leading lifestyles that are physically, psychologically or emotionally harmful to themselves and/or others need compassionate interventions designed and delivered by

trained practitioners from within their communities, who have themselves triumphed over their own personal experiences of violence.

We have a number of different interventions that can be run within custody and community settings, these include; workshops, personal development programmes, specialist case management, through-the-gate services and one-to-one mentoring.

Our experience and level of expertise also enables us to develop bespoke interventions that meet client and/or service user needs.

Some Examples Of Our Work Include:  

The Young Kings Programme

Is a specialist programme for young men aged 18 – 21 years old affected by violence. It works in two ways, firstly to provide the young men with intensive one-to-one support from a specialist case manager and secondly, to provide access to life skills and opportunities to learn.

Blocks to the Boardroom

Is a personal development programme for young men aged 14 – 21 years old affected by violence. It looks at causes and affect and offers strategies for breaking the cycle of offending, as well as gang awareness, violence in the home, personal violence and how to turn the skills learnt in the streets into productive skills for a crime free existence.

The Butterfly Effect

Is for young women aged 18 – 30 years old affected by violence, serving sentences no longer than five years. The Butterfly Effect looks at cause and affect, as well as offering strategies to breaking the cycle of violence and offending. During the programme we explore the healthy and unhealthy relationships, gang awareness, violence in the home, domestic violence, personal violence and we work with the young women to develop a positive self image, build confidence and work to higher self esteem.