Project 507 Ltd has been subcontracted by Ixion Holdings as a specialist provider for the HMPPS CFO 3 South-East contract, which runs from July 2015 to July 2020.

We were asked to deliver an intensive casework intervention for young men who were deemed high risk, gang members or gang associates and/or convicted for violent offences and/or violent within the prison estate.

We decided to use our Young Kings Specialist Leadership Programme as a bespoke model for HMYOI Aylesbury. Rather than the more traditional method of services targeting and labelling young men who they wish to work with, we decided to put more power in their hands and enabled the young men, in partnership with their offender manager, to apply to be on the programme. Involvement in the “Young Kings Programme” is recognised on a participants sentence plan but is still a voluntary process, we will only work with those young men who have expressed a want to change and have agreed to work with the team to achieve the goals they have set for themselves.

We use feedback from the participants to continually develop and grow the programme, as we believe that all our work should be participant led.

The Young Kings Programme

Is a specialist leadership programme for young men aged 18 – 21 years old affected by violence. It works in two ways, firstly to provide the young men with intensive one-to-one support from a specialist case manager and secondly, to provide access to life skills and opportunities to learn.


  • To build on young men’s strengths and identify and promote confidence, attitudes and behaviour which reduce risk
  • To utilise creativity to enable young men at risk of or involved in gang activity and/or affected by violence to develop their self- esteem, confidence and life skills
  • To meet the unique needs of high risk and gang associated young offenders
  • To empower young men to reach their full potential; provide participants with choices; decision making opportunities, and ownership of their work, within a series of structured sessions


  • Aged 18 – 21 years old
  • Within the last 3 years of their sentence
  • Able to live and work in the UK