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Supreme Court acknowledge the wrongful use of the Joint Enterprise Doctrine

February 18th, 2016 Posted by Criminal Justice System No Comment yet

Supreme Court

We would like to congratulate activist group JENGbA (Joint Enterprise Not Guilty By Association) on their great triumph in having the Supreme Court acknowledge the wrongful use of the Joint Enterprise doctrine over the last 30 years.

Today marked a huge turn for justice in the UK and will now allow hundreds of individuals a chance to appeal their convictions of murder.

Many reports, including the more recent ‘Dangerous by Association’ by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies have shown a misuse of the doctrine and racial bias; with over 600 people convicted and serving sentences, a disproportionate number of those are from BAME backgrounds.

We at Project 507 are extremely happy that steps have finally been made in the right direction, we understand that the fight for justice is far from over and we all must support and make sure that the appeal process is fair, just and does not take too long.

Today was an important day in history and we give thanks for all those working hard behind the scenes that make these moments possible.

Project 507 awarded subcontracts to address social exclusion and gang violence in young offenders

July 1st, 2015 Posted by Criminal Justice System No Comment yet

Project 507 is delighted to announce that we have been selected to deliver two specialist CFO3 projects in the South East of England in partnership with our prime contractor, Ixion Holdings Ltd.

CFO3 is funded by NOMS Co-financing Organisation and the European Social Fund, aiming to promote social inclusion and help offenders to progress into employment, training and education and access services that will positively impact on their future. Delivering services in prison, through-the-gates and in local communities from 2015 to 2020, Project 507 will support high risk young adults who are gang-associated, and/or relocating upon release from custody.  Our innovative programmes, including 1:1 and group support, will reduce social exclusion, antisocial behaviours, gang violence and the effects of emotional trauma.

Whitney Iles, CEO of Project 507, said:
‘We’re pleased to have secured a long-term subcontract with Ixion which will enable us to enact lasting impact and positive change in young adult offenders across the South East and London. In the face of ongoing challenges in addressing youth violence and gang behaviours, especially in the highest risk offenders, we’re looking forward to showing that Project 507’s unique programmes – which are designed in collaboration with our beneficiaries – really do make a difference’.

For more information about CFO3, or other Project 507 services, please contact us.