Project 507  helps to reduce the level of violence within the criminal justice system

by implementing effective interventions that support human development

Project 507 develops bespoke innovative solutions to facilitate self-awareness, emotional resilience and key skills among people living and working within the criminal justice system, by running programmes to address key issues within a group setting. Project 507 successfully ran over 30 programmes across 5 Prisons in London and the South East between 2013 – 2015

Our interventions are aimed at young people aged 11 -30 years old, who have been affected by violence and are medium to high risk. Our work within the Criminal Justice System includes workshops, human development programmes, specialist case management, through-the-gate services and one-to-one mentoring. All our work has the common objective of increasing young people’s self-esteem and emotional resilience, whilst working to challenge violent behaviour.

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