Our 3 Strategic Change Areas

Project 507 helps to reduce the level of violence within the criminal justice system by implementing effective interventions that support personal development.

Project 507 helps to create safer & inclusive communities by preventing, managing and transforming conflict.

Project 507 changes policies, practices and perceptions that generate conflict through action-research and reflective practice with people affected by violence.

Current Work


South East – Ixion – YOI Aylesbury: The Young Kings Programme, Specialist Case Management and The Blocks To The Boardroom


South East – Ixion – Relocation Project


YOI Feltham – The Blocks To The Boardroom

Previous Work


London – Working Links – YOI Feltham, HMP & YOI ISIS and HMP Holloway: Gang Interventions – The Blocks To The Boardroom, Eclipse Leadership Development and The Butterfly Effect.


South East – Serco – YOI Aylesbury and YOI Cookham Wood: Gang Interventions – The Blocks To The Boardroom

HMP Belmarsh

One-to-one specialist support work with under 25’s on the LPPU.

Tavistock and Portman Clinic

Various workshops and presentations including; Gangs and Groups Conference.

The Parole Board

Delivered Severe Violence, Trauma and Gangs training to Parole Board Members at annual conference.

Achievement for All

Presented and delivered a Violence and Trauma workshop to AFA members.

Community Links

Community Gang Awareness Workshops