Our Strategic Change Areas

Criminal Justice System

Project 507 helps to reduce the level of violence within the criminal justice system by implementing effective interventions that support personal development.


Project 507 helps to create safer & inclusive communities by preventing, managing and transforming conflict.

Who We Are

Project 507 is a social enterprise which develops evidence-based solutions to address direct, cultural and structural violence within the criminal justice system and communities across the UK. We believe young people leading lifestyles that are physically, psychologically or emotionally harmful to themselves and/or others need compassionate interventions designed and delivered by trained practitioners from within their communities. We have a number of different interventions that can be run within custody and community settings, these include; workshops, personal development programmes, specialist case management, through-the-gate services and one-to-one mentoring. 

Established in 2011, Project 507 has eight years’ experience working within the prison system and delivering gang interventions and violence reduction programmes. We are currently, or have previously, worked in: YOI Aylesbury, HMP Belmarsh, YOI Cookham Wood, HMP Downview, YOI Feltham, HMP/YOI Holloway, HMP/YOI Isis and HMP Woodhill. We currently hold contracts across the South East of England, London and Essex, in both custody and the community working with young people under the age of 25. Our services have had evidenced, positive impact on beneficiaries and we have grown thanks to significant interest from resettlement leads.